2024 Public Holidays in Mauritania

Public Holidays in Mauritania in 2024

Mauritania observes several public holidays throughout the year, reflecting its cultural diversity, religious traditions, and historical significance. These holidays are occasions for celebration, reflection, and community gatherings, with many businesses, government offices, and schools closed to mark these special days. Below is a comprehensive list and description of the public holidays in Mauritania for the year 2024.

Islamic New Year – Date Varies (Islamic Calendar)

Islamic New Year, also known as Hijri New Year or Maal Hijrah, marks the beginning of the Islamic lunar calendar year. It is a time for spiritual reflection, renewal of faith, and resolutions for the year ahead. In Mauritania, Islamic New Year is observed with prayers, religious gatherings, and cultural traditions.

Labour Day – May 1st

Labour Day, also known as International Workers’ Day, is dedicated to honoring the contributions of workers and the labor movement. In Mauritania, this day is celebrated with rallies, parades, and various events organized by trade unions and worker associations.

Independence Day – November 28th

Independence Day commemorates Mauritania’s declaration of independence from France in 1960. It is one of the most significant national holidays in Mauritania, celebrated with patriotic ceremonies, flag hoisting, cultural performances, and speeches highlighting the country’s achievements and aspirations. Independence Day evokes a sense of pride and unity among Mauritanians, reaffirming their commitment to sovereignty and self-determination.

Eid al-Fitr – Date Varies (Islamic Calendar)

Eid al-Fitr, also known as the Festival of Breaking the Fast, marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. It is celebrated with prayers, feasting, gift-giving, and acts of charity. In Mauritania, Muslims observe Eid al-Fitr with special prayers at mosques, family gatherings, and elaborate meals shared with loved ones.

Eid al-Adha – Date Varies (Islamic Calendar)

Eid al-Adha, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice, commemorates the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God. It is celebrated with prayers, the sacrifice of animals (usually sheep or goats), distribution of meat to the needy, and gatherings with family and friends. Eid al-Adha is a time for reflection, gratitude, and solidarity within the Muslim community.

Mawlid al-Nabi – Date Varies (Islamic Calendar)

Mawlid al-Nabi, also known as the Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday, celebrates the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam. It is observed by Muslims with prayers, religious lectures, and gatherings to reflect on the life and teachings of the Prophet. In Mauritania, Mawlid al-Nabi is a time for spiritual reflection and communal celebrations among the Muslim community.

National Day – November 28th

National Day in Mauritania celebrates the country’s independence and sovereignty. It is a time for patriotic fervor, with flag hoisting ceremonies, cultural performances, parades, and fireworks displays held across the country. National Day evokes a sense of pride and unity among Mauritanians, celebrating their hard-won freedom and national identity.


Mauritania celebrates a diverse array of public holidays throughout the year, each reflecting the country’s cultural, religious, and historical heritage. These holidays serve as important occasions for Mauritanians to come together, celebrate their identity, and honor their traditions. Whether commemorating independence, observing Islamic festivals, or honoring the Prophet Muhammad, public holidays in Mauritania play a significant role in fostering national unity, pride, and solidarity.

Public Holiday Date Days Off Groups Celebrating
Islamic New Year Varies 1 Muslims
Labour Day May 1 1 Workers
Independence Day November 28 1 All
Eid al-Fitr Varies 1-2 Muslims
Eid al-Adha Varies 1-2 Muslims
Mawlid al-Nabi Varies 1 Muslims
National Day November 28 1 All

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