Before the trip to Saint Lucia

Passport and Visa
Nordic citizens do not need a visa to travel to St Lucia if you stay shorter than 30 days. Check that your passport is valid until the day after the return journey. The passport must not be cracked or broken.

Before the trip to Saint Lucia 2

Vaccinations and health
Make sure you have a good comprehensive travel insurance that applies to care abroad. See what your home insurance covers. Additional travel insurance can be ordered through Phoenix. Remember to bring documentation of current travel / health insurance for the trip to St Lucia. If you have medicines with you, they should be stored in their packaging where it is clear what the medicine is. For prescription medicines, you should also have a certificate from your doctor in English and pack it together with the medicines in your hand luggage.

Weather and clothes
St. Lucia is located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, east of the coast of Central America. The islands are located in tropical latitudes and have a pleasant climate all year round with two seasons; rainy and dry period. The rainy season lasts from June to November while the dry season normally lasts from December to May. The average temperature is 20-30 degrees, around the clock ..

St Lucia: East Caribbean Dollar XCD. ATMs are available at banks. The US dollar (USD) can be used as currency. Eastern Caribbean dollar (XCD), pegged to US dollar

Transport and communications
Saint Lucia has an extensive bus network and it is cheap to travel by island minibuses. Taxis and rental cars are also available everywhere ..

In Saint Lucia, crime is low, but ordinary caution should be used.

Food and drink
Of course you must also dare to try the Caribbean food. At local restaurants, you are likely to be served boiled, green bananas with salt-dried cod, fried fish cakes with breadfruit, chicken stew à la creole with potatoes or a soup.
But do not miss to try the Eurobbean, the Swedish chef Bobo Bergström’s own fusion of European and Caribbean.

Saint Lucia’s most famous products are works of art and wood carvings, straw mats, ceramics and clothing and household items. You can also bring home straw hats and baskets and locally grown cocoa, coffee, spices, sauces and flavors ..

General and mixed
Time difference: Winter, Swedish time minus 5 hours, summer, Swedish time minus 6 hours.
Tips: Giving tips is expected by most people who work with service, about 10-15% if it is not included.
Language: English and Creole
Electricity: On St Lucia 220v.
Good to know: Sometimes prices are quoted in local currency, sometimes in US dollars. Be observant of restaurants. Always agree on the taxi price in advance.

Before the trip to Saint Lucia