Chiang Mai Travel Guide

Chiang Mai is known for its Thai culture and hiking holidays. Chiang Mai, you can taste, learn and experience a new side of Thailand. In northern Thailand’s most popular resort, Chiang Mai, the traveler is enchanted by temples, hikes in the mountains and learns new skills.


A different Thai holiday in the north

More than 700 km from Bangkok, Chiang Mai is the jewel of Northern Thailand, combining ancient cultural heritage with activities made possible by the surrounding nature.

Thailand is perceived mainly as a travel destination for sun worshipers, but a holidaymaker heading north needs something different on their trip. Chiang Mai is a center of Thai culture, which is also home to one of the most prestigious universities in the country. In Chiang Mai you can find either a lively student city or a peaceful cultural destination next to the mountains.

Although Chiang Mai is popular with holidaymakers, tourism is not as flashy as on the bustling holiday islands of southern Thailand. This is also reflected in the prices: accommodation, food and services can be found in the north at a cheaper price than in the south.

Northern Chiang Mai represents more traditional Thailand.

Chiang Mai is suitable for both young and older people

The diverse Chiang Mai is a great holiday destination for travelers of all ages. The city is also home to a large number of retirees as well as an international community of diginomads who do place-independent work from Thailand.

In the city you can either spend a peaceful cultural holiday or fill your day with various activities and excursions. Golfers have also embraced Chiang Mai due to the mild weather and high quality greens.

Gourmets, on the other hand, fall in love with the rich food culture of northern Thailand, which also takes vegetarians into account. Even families with children have enough to do together.

Chiang Mai is not a beach holiday destination, although of course Thailand’s glowing sun pampers holidaymakers in the north as well. You can spend a relaxing lounging holiday in Chiang Mai even by visiting the city’s numerous bookstores and then parking yourself in a hammock.

Pleasant climate in northern Thailand

In the north, the weather is milder and offers favorable conditions for various hobbies and activities. Although the climate in Chiang Mai is tropical, the weather is still always cooler and drier than the south. The best time to travel to Northern Thailand is generally considered to be a durable dry season from November to March.

It is worth noting that in March-April in Chiang Mai there is a so-called Burning season . Local farmers burn the fields as they prepare for the next crop. The air quality is then very poor and even dangerous.

Winter evenings in northern Thailand may surprise with their coolness. Tourists who especially go on a mountain hike should pack warm clothes.

Courses, excursions and activities

In Chiang Mai, the traveler rarely throws himself to rest on his laurels by the hotel’s swimming pool – the city has a huge number of activities, excursions and courses. In addition to vacationing, you can acquire an interesting new skill for yourself.

Chiang Mai has a wide range of courses for cooking, yoga, Thai boxing and meditation, among others. Massage courses and language courses are also popular.

There are also heaps of activities from bungee jumping to zorbball. A fun day trip to Chiang Mai is a Flight of the Gibbon jungle safari, where the traveler can hover from tree to tree like a gibbon monkey. On a track built high in trees, you move from one station to another on a wire rope. The day ends on the ground with a small hike.

A popular hiking destination gets the holidaymaker moving

Hiking is the most popular activity in Northern Thailand. Typical hikes last from three to five days. In addition to hiking and getting to know the mountain tribes, the program may include rafting.

Meals and modest accommodation are included in the price of the hiking packages. The hiker should be aware that especially in winter, the nights in northern Thailand can be cold.

Tourists exploring mountain tribes are sometimes disappointed to notice that small local villages have turned into theme parks with tourism. When choosing a suitable hike, it is worth comparing different organizers and finding out about the group. With a nice group, even five days pass quickly, and along the way you are guaranteed to make new friends.

Northern Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is known for its festivals

Chiang Mai’s year includes a variety of events and festivals, the most famous of which include flower festivals as well as umbrella festivals.

Those traveling to Chiang Mai in April should note that the city celebrates the Thai New Year Songkram Water Festival in the middle of the month. In this case, the traveler cannot expect to stay dry – it involves pouring water on the necks of others or at least shooting with a water gun.