Dogs Pugs Invade Our Ugly Christmas Sweaters and Become The Most Christmas Trend

East 2016 has not been the easiest year for the world. For this reason, we need humor, pretty things and vacation more than ever. Someone said Christmas? Or better yet, someone said Christmas with pug puppies? Without knowing more, already we have targeted bombing. But why, if above tell us that Christmas sweaters have been modernized and filled with these tender creatures, who will say that not?

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The ugly Christmas sweaters are, by far, one of the most shocking and eye-catching clothes that exist. With them there is no half-measures. How many more pompons, Glitters, sequins, colors and best gemstones. Now the extravaganzza goes a step further, because dogs pug point to the big party.

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Pugs with wool hats, reindeer horns or with the Rudolph red nose. Sometimes the nature (or textile industry) unites things in the most extraordinary and wonderful way. Now it was the turn of Christmas and the most adorable and funny dogs. And let us be honest, a good pug rocks much more than any of those penguins with Santa Claus hat It flooded the shirts at this time.

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