Evening Dress or Blazer? The Looks of Keira Knightley and Mena Suvari for a Party

Options for dress up party There are thousands, as many as our imaginations can give of themselves and our style get to wear them. One of the first basic questions when it comes to thinking about what clothing is the choice:?dress night or blazer?

The first is the traditional one, which never fails, and the second is the smart choice well led can do that we succeed at the party. Keira Knightley y Mena Suvari show us two of her looks so we can get some idea.

By the British actress was a beautiful long dress of Erdem, belonging to the collection autumn-winter 2010 / 2011. Of flowers, and celes blue, Burgundy and black. An air impeccable Eastern who knew how to look very good.

Meanwhile, the American actress preferred to wear a Black Blazer that combined with a short neckline dress heart and leggings that plentiful everywhere for me. It has been the best without them. That way the Sandals had also gained presence.

Which of the two styles do you prefer to party?