Events and Festivals in Barcelona, Spain

It is no exaggeration to say that the Catalans are some of the most party people in Europe and the world, no matter what the occasion, people fill the streets. By taking a closer look at the celebrations and festivals, the visitor to Barcelona can learn a lot about the Spanish, Catalan and city-specific traditions of Barcelona. According to localbusinessexplorer, the celebrations on the day of Saint Sant Joan on June 23 and on the day of the city saint Mercè on September 24 are particularly lavish. According to many, the festival of Sant Jordi (Saint George) on April 23, when the whole city is full of roses and book stands, is particularly beautiful. Also the firewalk (Correfoc), the giants (Gegants), one of the many human towers (castellers) and a sardanes (Catalan folk dance) should not be missed.


  • New Year’s Eve (December 31 – January 1)
    In Barcelona there are no fireworks on New Year’s Eve, it is more worthwhile to celebrate in one of the many squares. In Barcelona, ​​as is common in all of Spain, eating twelve grapes at midnight, which should bring good luck for the next year.
  • Procession of the Three Kings (January 5th)
    “Los Reyes Magos” dock at Port Vell (old port) with their ship, march through the city in a procession and toss sweets to the children. On the morning of January 6th, the children receive their gifts, which are brought in Spain by the three kings.


  • Carnival in Barcelona
    From February 3rd until Ash Wednesday, masked balls and processions with creative costumes are celebrated. The festivities begin with the arrival of King Carnestoltes. The highlight is the Gran Rua, the big parade. Every district of Barcelona celebrates Carnival with its own traditions.

March April

  • Festes de Sant Medir de Gràcia
    The festival of Sant Medir takes place in the first week of March. A long procession of horses and riders comes together in the “Plaça Rius i Taulet” in the Gracia district
  • Barcelona
    Marathon The marathon has been held annually for over 27 years. More information at
  • Easter week / Semana Santa
    During the Easter procession that runs through the old town of Barcelona, ​​thousands of believers carry Jesus and Marys to the cathedral.


  • Feria de Abril
    The originally Andalusian festival with music, dance, food, wine, horses and breathtaking flamenco dresses lasts for a week and affects the whole city. Everyone celebrates entire streets where they set up stands and stages beforehand.
  • Sant Ponç
    On April 11th there are many stalls selling honey, herbs and spices, fruits, herbal wines and other natural products in street C / Hospital. This is part of the celebrations of Saint Sant Ponç, who is the patron saint of beekeepers and herbalists.
  • Sant Jordi (April 23)
    Sant Jordi (Saint George) is considered by many to be the most beautiful festival in Barcelona. The day of Sant Jordi, the patron saint of Catalonia, is also known as the “Day of the Book”, as it was on this day in 1616 that Spain’s most important poet, Cervantes, died and Shakespeare was born on April 23rd. Traditionally, men give women roses on this day, and a rose exhibition is held at the government palace at the same time.


  • Formula 1
    The Curcuit de Catalunya, which is often used as a test track, is extremely curvy and promises exciting races. It is located about 15 km north of Barcelona in Montmelo.
  • The Tamborinada
    A day for the children in the Ciutadella Park


  • Corpus Cristi – L’ou com Balla
    Corpus Christi is celebrated in June with parades of giants and large-headed carnival figures.
  • Sonar
    The festival, to which international artists travel, lasts three days and three nights. The Sonar presents more than 300 different events with DJ’s, concerts, cinema and art objects of all kinds.
  • Grec
    June is the month of festivals. The Grec festival series begins in June, reaches its peak in July and continues into August. The Grec offers a wide range of cultural events, from theater to music to dance and cinema events in the open air.
  • Sant Joan
    The summer solstice is celebrated in Catalonia with bonfires and fireworks on June 23rd on the day of St. Joan.


  • Festa Major de Gràcia
    Competition, whose street is most beautifully decorated. There are hundreds of events with live concerts on every street.


  • Catalan National
    Day (September 11th) The “Diada”, the national holiday of Catalonia. On this day Catalonia commemorates its defeat against the troops of King Philip V of Borbón and that from then on Catalonia was no longer an independent nation. Many events are held across Catalonia.
  • La Mercè
    September 24th is the day of Saint Mercè, the city saint of Barcelona. This week the city festival is celebrated with many free concerts and parades.


  • Christmas market (from December 13th)
    The Christmas market takes place around the cathedral.
  • Christmas (December 25th)
  • 2. Christmas Day (St. Stefan)
    December 26th is the continuation of the Christmas holidays in Catalonia and is celebrated with a family dinner.

Events and Festivals in Barcelona, Spain