How Were The It Girls of The 1920s? as We Will See in The New (And Amazing) Version of The Great Gatsby

Speechless is one, and will remain so for some time. Writer has read the Great Gatsby Scott Fitzgerald and has seen his film adaptation with Robert Reford and the mellifluous, in this film, Mia Farrow. And it is that fashion are not just rags, trends, designers. If a film marked fashion and reflected as few a decade already forgotten, that was the Great Gatsby, which made the flappers, a gangster, to the boquilas road and smoky costumes again large.

How to move it overlooked? So when writer has learned that it is baking or rather shooting one new version The Great Gatsby, it has been of pumice stone. No or few remakes are usually good but this one, this spectacular painting.

Let’s start by its director, Baz Luhrmann, or what is the same thing the director of Moulin Rouge or Romeo and Juliet. Uffff. We continue by actors: Leonardo Di Caprio and its amiguisimo Tobey Maguire, requeteufff. Because they swarm already out there images of your shoot.

How does not expect forward premiere? What is going to tell one who Baz seem a genius and Di Caprio another?

And you may ask you and esto what has to do with fashion? Because if you’ve seen your first version, few films have so carefully by fashion, striving for aesthetics, as well reflect the luxury of the 1920s, the decline of morality and the rush of the power of the image.

Sure that with this roster of geniuses, great will be also your costumes and scenery. Not in vain there are already rumors that participates in the cast the top Gemma Ward.