If Tea Years Ago Fell in Love with Zimmermann Bikini, You Now Have a Second Chance

If a few years ago dreamed of a swimsuit that wore Nicole Warne (aka Gary Pepper) during one of his trips to the Maldives, You must know that you now have a second chance. And not that Zimmermann, the firm that designed it, throw it again, if not for that Tularosa It has decided to draw inspiration from it and get a more like version. As you might expect, is it becoming viral thanks to the Socialmedia.

Tularosa, an obvious inspiration

It’s been two years since we saw that model designed by the Australian firm… would think Tularosa which we had already forgotten? If you look at the bottom of the bikini will see that you have quite a few similarities: high, with transparent panels and a separation type mesh. That Yes, it has been replaced by small PomPoms the blonde.

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Similar but different

This bikini is presented in different versions and patterns, making each one can choose the part above that you like most and make a mix & match.

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all works te ashi do secret service Karatê Do,Karatê ...

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