Kate Moss and Pete Doherty Duet at Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli has decided to talk to him… After his collaboration with giant announced large distribution trendy H & M, he chose the unorthodox couple of the moment, Kate Moss and Pete Doherty, to embody his latest collections…

The couple did not pose together. Kate Moss will pose only for the women’s collection, cowgirl version in the savannah. And her rocker boyfriend James Dean played the front of the lens of Mert Alum and Marcus Piggott. The photo shoot took place in Ibiza and will be published in late July. Curious turnaround for this couple who until recently defrayed the chronicle.

Pete Doherty had been ostracized from society and who was accused of Kate plunged into the hell of drugs, returns to the front of the scene apparently absolved by all … No problem so for the couturier Roberto Cavallli to use the notoriety of the couple, whatever the nature, to give a boost to the launch of its new collection.

Yesterday, Kate lost contracts because of proven addiction to cocaine and was separating from his junky boy to find a decent picture vis-à-vis the press and especially homes that used it. Today, everything seems to be forgotten: the twig connects ad campaigns on advertising campaigns and one who was considered undesirable seems to be the love of his life and sharing it with the star. Would they become politically correct? We talk about marriage…

Yet the lifestyle of the couple does not seem to have changed, but it does not matter the small world of fashion, after all everyone’s home is his … Well, this is what Roberto Cavalli suggested that says not to worry privacy of his muses. He said he was impressed by the creative energy that emanates from Pete and poetic synergy that emerges from the couple.

He finds in them the image of modern and contemporary pair he wants to impregnate his campaign. Okay, because whatever happens, we like Kate Moss, and his choice of love from watching it. What is somewhat disturbing is when the couple for the less chaotic and notorious excess becomes a model … But we’re not close to it, who said the fashion industry was consistent and healthy for your health?

Nicole Richie has grown to become fashion icon despite its flagrant anorexia, rehab of cures have become trendy, and decision makers are passing the buck when it comes to rule on the mannequins weight problems… So good, Pete Doherty and Kate Moss for Roberto Cavalli, why not?