Lake Sulawesis

A smaller by-sea to the Pacific Ocean is Lake Sulawesis, which can also be called Lake Celebes. This small sea lies between Borneo, Mindanao, and Sulawi, formerly known as Celebes. The average depth is about 5,000 meters and the deepest point is 6,220 meters. The region is known for a fantastic wildlife with many different species and an environment that attracts tourists both from the neighboring countries and from the rest of the world. The environment is tropical and often very pleasant, but it happens that earthquakes break out in Lake Sulawesis and the surrounding islands and countries are in the danger zone.

Geography and marine life

There are so many species and plants in Lake Sulawesis that not all of them have been mapped. Here a lot of animals live in coral reefs and in addition there are plenty of unique species such as sea turtles, barracuda fish and whales. From time to time, it is announced in world news that a new species has been found in this very sea. It is believed that about 580 of the world’s 793 reef-building corals are found in Lake Sulawesis. There are not only fish that are beautiful to look at, there is also a lot of fishing and tuna can be mentioned as one of the more important varieties that you fish for.

Division between Indonesia and the Philippines

On May 23, 2013, the Philippines and the governments of Indonesia agreed on the economic demarcation of the sea. It has been decided that the northern part of the area will be controlled by the Philippines and this part has been named Lake Mindanao while the southern part is still called the Celebes Sea and is ruled by Indonesia.


Lake Sulawesis is popular with tourists who come here to experience a fantastic climate and unique underwater views. Excursions from Thailand to this sea are even arranged for tourists who, for example, want to learn more about underwater photography. However, there are some problems with pirates in the area. These are modern pirates with fast boats, GPS equipment and radar. To protect tourists, Malaysia has made sure that their army is in the sea, so it is still possible to move around the area safely when taking part in organized tours and excursions.

Lake Sulawesis