Landmarks of Marmaris, Turkey

According to fashionissupreme, the Turkish resort of Marmaris is a modest town on the Lycian coast that proverbially bursts at the seams in the summer months due to the many tourists who come to Marmaris to enjoy their holidays. Among these tourists are mainly British, Russians, Dutch, Belgians and Scandinavians. The main attraction of Marmaris is the beach which is a busy place to be during the hot summer weather. For excursions in and around Marmaris, we offer our top 10 places of interest on this page.

Top 10 sights of Marmaris

#1. Netsel Marmaris
The largest and most luxurious marina in Turkey is located here in Marmaris. Everything you can expect from a modern marina can be found here. Restaurants, bars, entertainment, shops, ATMs and travel agencies. It is also possible to book luxury boat trips from here to, for example, Rhodes.

#2. Saklıkent Gorge
In the middle of the Ak Dağlar Mountains, an 18 km trail runs along the Saklıkent Gorge. Along the steep walls you can see how water and erosion have done their job. With professional footwear and tools, this mountain is even easier to climb. Via the walking path you will reach a restaurant. To get to the gorge you also have to walk a bit through water that flows from the cliffs.

#3. Castle of Marmaris
This castle, with its courtyard full of statues, dates from 1522. It was built by Süleyman the Beautiful after his successful campaign against Rhodes. Today the castle is a museum from where you have a beautiful view over the harbor.

#4. Bazaar
The bazaar of Marmaris is wonderful to visit. All kinds of scents of herbs meet you there. The shops really offer a little bit of everything. Large parts are covered and others are protected against the heat of the sun with a sunshade. The bazaar is located near the center. A local delicacy that you can buy here is the honey from Marmaris, which can be found on the Datça peninsula.

#5. Içmeler
The smaller sister of Marmaris is the village of Içmeler. At a distance of about 9 km you will find beautiful beaches in a beautiful bay surrounded by pine trees and oleanders. You will find plenty of entertainment along the river that flows through Içmeler. There is the tourist market, but you will also find shops, terraces and restaurants. You can take the “dolmus” bus from Marmaris to Içmeler in about fifteen minutes.

#6. Nightlife Barstreet
Most nightlife is centered around Hacı Mustafa Sokağı. This mainly applies to look and be seen. Many catering establishments alternate each other and each other’s music, making it a noisy part of Marmaris. It is important to take this into account if you want to move into a hotel or guest house in this part of town.

#7. Jeep
safari Those looking for a little more adventure should definitely try a jeep safari. During the drive that will take you to Bozburun Peninsula and Marmaris National Park, you will discover the most interesting places around these destinations. Along the way, cooling is regularly sought with, for example, a dive at one of the most wonderful waterfalls or at Jesus Beach.

#8. Marmaris Boat Tour
If you would like to explore the five bays and some villages in a relaxed way, you should definitely book a boat trip in the city’s harbour. Various tours are offered, but the most special is the one that takes you to the villages of Kumlubük and Turunç. Along the way you will anchor a number of times to take a refreshing dip in the water. You then have lunch on Paradise Island and then you also visit the Phosphorus Caves.

#9. Dalyan
About 85 kilometers from Marmaris lies the town of Dalyan, which is definitely worth a visit. The Kaunian rock tombs and the separate Iztuzu beach with the nesting places of the Hawksbill turtles attract many visitors every year. Iztuzu Beach forms a 4.5 kilometer long spit of land, forming a barrier between the fresh water of the Dalyan River and the salt water of the Mediterranean Sea. The area now falls under the protected nature reserve of Köyceğiz-Dalyan.

#10. Rhodes
With the ferry you sail from Marmaris in less than 45 minutes to the Greek island of Rhodes. After Crete, Rhodes is the most favorite Greek island of Dutch tourists. There is plenty to do. You can go hiking, surfing, shopping, diving and of course good food. Most tourists in Rhodes visit the medieval town of Mandraki and of course Rhodes Town.

Marmaris, Turkey