Look MOM, No Pants! The Leggings Color Meat, The Trend Will Have to Look Two Times for Not Thinking Ill

Leggings are our best friends during the winter, Although we hardly left the black. Until now. A very select group of celebrities is daring with a tone that seems unthinkable to many. Would you dare with a design color nude simulating extreme nudity from waist down? Against what dictates the experience, it is not why they go wrong. Word of Selena, Bella, Kylie, Kim and Alexandra.

We all remember that terrible picture of a girl wearing leggings in color meat at a bus stop, which seemed that it was no longer the pants at home. That viral picture cursed the nude leggings, which have never been taken seriously or respected as a valid and feasible to look.

Faced with this situation, some famous wanted to declare his love for the flesh-colored leggings, taking them with leather effect to avoid the visual sensation of that pass for wearing trousers. All of this combined with neutral clothing as we teach Selena Gómez and Alessandra Ambrosio.

All fashion has its bitter lovers who take it to its greatest exponent. Thus, the most explosive Sisters of the Kardashian family have not hesitated to give them a chance in its total look. At the end, and after all, if things go teach meat these leggings are the perfect choice.

Bella Hadid has followed the same path, with a whole styling in flesh-colored that few could afford. What is the trick to get it? Appears to be the key in make an all-in and launch everywhere, carrying feet nude color head and leaving half-measures. That Yes, you should know that the first impression will be the total and absolute nakedness, and agree with this.