“Low Cost” of Low Kiln. The Empire of Amancio Ortega Would Enslaves?

A long time ago that as of the low-cost smells like a dead. We start from the basis of low, really low, already there is very little and the prices have gone up, as the CPI, slowly, little by little. Over time some ends up becoming a fistful of dollars but one is unaware or unwilling. Let’s start with the fact that tracing and flagrant, copy the attribution of the work of others are the order of the day, instead of the showcase. And Yes, this allows us to dress in Donna Karan in the half of the halves but Donna Karan also eats, and suffers and surely dies by your company since you created it and those are many years of suffering, as I would say a scurfy celebrity.

¿Really low low-cost? It depends what factors we take into account. If you analyze the cost having to these companies manufacture in Asia or Latin America, the unbeatable prices that providers due to their purchase amounts and other arts, and prices to those who sell such products, low there’s nothing. In fact its 60 Euro bag may have a margin thousand times greater than the 300 euros for a small firm and made in spain.

Speaking of low or under, today we have to talk about a low-cost that is discussed, it is rumored (and is not the first time) it is low and very low Kilning. It seems that Brazil has subjected to Zara for a slavery scandal.

The hair like hooks are one. And it is that numerous national and international media are making echo of what seems to be a sanction of Brazil to the Empire of Amancio Ortega by alleged slavery.

It seems that the Brazilian Labour Ministry has issued 52 acts of violation against a provider of Zara by labour slaves and the result of such action was the rescue of 15 of its workers.

Strenuous days of more than 12 hours, restricted liberties, child labour … and hairs, be as anchors have started to fall I startle.

According to the inspector of the Superintendency
While workshops are outsourced, the Inspectorate understands that responsibility is Zara.
Inditex on the other hand it has denied any liability.

We will see what happens with the theme, if the low-cost is low kiln or not, but certainly the margins that they have on their products in low have nothing.


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