The nature of the islands is perfect for active travelers.


Arrive on a holiday flight or change planes

Finnair operates direct flights from Helsinki to Madeira throughout the year. Non-stop flights to Madeira are offered by Norwegian , Lufthansa and British Airways , among others .

Direct flights take just under six hours, the travel time for alternative flights depends on the length of the stopover, but is at least about ten hours at short. The cheapest flights from Helsinki to Madeira cost about 200 euros.

However, tour operators can fly directly to Funchal on holiday flights. Prices usually revolve over just 300 euros. Many travel agencies also arrange package tours to Madeira. Most trips are organized during the winter season.

Accommodation in Madeira

Madeira is a popular destination, so there is no shortage of hotels. Overall, the standard of living on the island is quite good: hotels are generally clean and, for example, in the capital Funchal, most of them are located close to the city center.

Accommodation options are very diverse, and Madeira offers both five-star hotels and modest hostels. The price gap is also high, but hotels on the islands that are used to the Finnish price level are cheap: the cheapest double room in a three-star hotel in Funchal costs about 40 euros on average.

Tour the island with a rental car

Untouched nature is the most beautiful gift of Madeira. The best way, and at your own pace, is to explore it by renting a car. The price level of rental cars is quite reasonable compared to Finland.

It’s a good idea to set aside plenty of time to drive around the car, as the occasional winding and steep road can make driving quite sluggish. Madeira may not be the best car destination for an inexperienced driver, as driving conditions can be surprisingly challenging, especially in the mountains.

If renting a car does not seem convenient for you, you can also take public transport buses on the islands. If the schedules or routes do not suit your own travel plans, you can also get there from one place to another by tourist buses.



The Madeira archipelago also offers beaches.

Along the levadas in the wild

The irrigation canal network built on the island of Madeira to correct the uneven rainfall distribution has swelled to cover a distance of about 2,000 kilometers.

Even today, levadas are in active use. For the tourist, however, their greatest gift is the paths built for the maintenance of the canals, the passages that run along the edges of the levees.

These easy-to-follow and elevated trails allow you to explore Madeira’s eye-catching countryside. The paths alternate with dense forests, beautiful flower beds and deep gorges.

The unique Laurisilva forest

The Laurisilva forest, which once covered almost the whole of southern Europe, is now found in the Azores, the Canary Islands and Madeira. Of these, the forest of Madeira is the best preserved and the richest in vegetation.

Due to its ecological merits, this laurel forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The forest valleys, cliffs and waterfalls combined with lush vegetation create a breathtaking landscape that is definitely worth seeing.

Photographic Funchal

Surrounded by the sea and high hills, Funchal is the capital of Madeira. The coastal town is surrounded on one side by the sea and on the other by high slopes. The beauty of Funchal lies in its very location.

The city has many historical sites dating back to the 16th century. In return, there is also natural beauty in the urban environment. In the botanical garden, Jardim Botânico, you can admire the plants and whale and dolphin watching from the harbor.

Souvenirs are worth buying in the Mercado do Lavradores market hall, while affordable fashion clothes can be found all over the city. A shopping tour can be concluded at one of Funchal’s many seawater pools.

There are plenty of places to eat in Funchal. Seafood restaurants are very popular, where you can enjoy a rich selection of fish in the waters of Madeira. The evening can still be continued to the beat of Portuguese folk music, fado. There are several cupolas in the city, where the melancholic tones of the fado refresh until late in the evening.

Funchal also knows how to party. In addition to the Christmas and New Year celebrations, the January hiking festivals and the carnivals in February-March are unforgettable experiences.



Madeira’s mild climate offers a great opportunity for an outdoor treat.

The best hiking destinations

  1. Pico Ruivo – Stepped trails and stunning scenery around the highest mountain in Madeira
  2. Caldeirão Verde – Following the Levada through tunnels to a waterfall over 100 meters
  3. São Vicente – Next to the most beautiful village on the island you will find amazing caves
  4. Curral das Freiras – “Valley of the Nuns” in the vicinity of Funchal
  5. Câmara de Lobos – An idyllic fishing village

Mandatory for a trip to Madeira

  1. Levada excursions
  2. Funchal
  3. Laurisilva forest
  4. Madeira wine
  5. Porto Santo beach