Olivia Palermo and Its Four Ways of Wearing a Dress

Olivia Palermo It is one of the most spoken girls lately and is that, although if you like his style or not, the girl has wit and style to match your clothes. Adored by many and hated by others, this girl has become one of the ‘ it girls ‘ most of fashion this season. All her outfits are discussed by the whole world, and where it goes beyond sweeps with flashes. It is reality, although many try to deny it.

This past week saw it by Madrid at the Glamour Magazine Awards, and even there it appeared with a fabulous black long dress, but do you think he premiered it? Maybe the answer is that not. Something that characterizes this girl is the repeated use of your garments. I think it’s great that someone with its bulging current account can repeat year after year throughout your closet, unlike other divas such as Victoria Beckham (in an interview said that never in takes them repeated outfit). The case is that used dress last week is a recycling of 2007 and already has used it several times in different acts. But the interesting thing is that you for his last appearance, he added a kind of tulle in the Netherlands and merged it with its inseparable booties Charlotte Olympia. Simply great.

Dress corresponds to the designer’s collection Douglas Spencer Fall 2006, and seeing it on the catwalk the garment itself does not call me your attention. Since purchasing the Palermo has interpreted it in a thousand different ways and has managed to get the most out.

For example, for an act that gave Sephora It combined the dress with a vest that covered top and only left short skirt, next to the fantastic sandals YSL Tribute that love to all the celebrities (no wonder!) and their famous signed crocodile clutch by Hermes.

However, in the parade that the designer himself gave in 2007 and was part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2007, Olivia did not hesitate a second to get this design combined with a few shoes in black patent leather.

And he returned to the opening of a restaurant. This time with loose hair and peep – toes in Brown to set, again with your clucth Hermes (which also uses it many times as you can see).

I love this girl since he knows to reinterpret their clothes and shows us that despite the fact that the years pass, she knows to give out to all her wardrobe. When is your next reinterpretation of this fantastic dress?