Oregon – The Beaver State in The West

With a total population of 4,190,713 according to TRACKAAH, Oregon is in the northwestern United States and it’s a state that can be breathless. On the one hand, this is due to the scenic beauty of both the Pacific coast and the mountains and lakes inland. But it is also quite simply due to the sheer abundance of sights, nature parks, cities and towns that this state has to offer. There is so much to see and do that anyone can create their own trip to Oregon à la carte. Beach vacation or skiing vacation, quiet nature experience or cultural trip, survival training or endless shopping fun; anything is possible in Oregon. Of course, a mixture of everything! However, if you want to get the most out of your vacation, you should prepare well. Otherwise he could drive past one or the other attraction.

Location and landscapes

Oregon’s northern neighbor is Washington, which in turn forms the state border with Canada in the north. Oregon shares the border with Idaho to the east, and Nevada and California to the south. Finally, to the west, Oregon has a very natural and extremely attractive border – the Pacific Ocean. Inland, the state is criss-crossed by two mountain ranges from north to south. To the west there is the Oregon Coast Range on the one hand, and the Cascade Mountains further east. The highest mountain in the country is Mount Hood, which is 3425 meters high. Between the two mountains lies one of the most fertile plains there is in the world. The so-called Willamette Valley is of enormous importance for agriculture and thus also for the overall economy in Oregon. So it’s no wonder that this valley is where most of Oregon’s population lives. The residents are spread over the three largest cities in the country.

Portland is the largest metropolis in terms of area and population, while Salem is the capital. Third in the league is the city of Eugene in the Willamette Valley. While Oregon’s wealth once came entirely from its forests and fertile land, today a lot of money is made with cutting-edge technology. Almost all of the companies in question have settled in the “Silicon Forest”.

Outdoor attractions and sports opportunities

Water sports on the coast; Ski fun in the mountains. In a sports-loving state like Oregon, it almost goes without saying that classic sports options are on offer in abundance. It becomes interesting where the offer extends beyond that. If you want to combine sport and nature experience on vacation, you could consider the Sunriver near Bend. The deep forests and mountains invite you to explore on a mountain bike; You can walk there on leisurely hiking tours (checklist for hiking holidays) or adventurous trekking excursions. Those who like it quieter might go fishing or try their luck on one of the around 20 golf courses in the area. In the nearby ” Crater Lake National Park “there are spectacular views of a volcanic landscape – please don’t miss it. Crater Lake may be the only national park in Oregon, but that shouldn’t lead to jumping to conclusions. In addition, there are 228 state parks, 170 of which are open to tourists.

Urban life, culture and shopping

As the largest city in the state, Portland is of course a must for anyone visiting Oregon. A must, however, which will not be difficult to visit at all. Portland is a very relaxed city despite its size and the friendliness of the residents is almost proverbial. That’s why you can plan a few days here with children. Gourmets in particular will quickly get a taste for it in Portland. There are quite a number of the interesting “microbreweries” that are currently a hot trend in Europe too. Local wines and starred restaurants are just as much a part of the culinary scene as typical US dinners with short-skirted waitresses. After so much local color, a trip to the Japanese Garden is worthwhile. This impressive complex is one of the largest and most beautiful gardens outside of Japan. Lincoln City is recommended for those who would like to vacation in the Pacific. The town is the ideal starting point for everything that is fun on the coast. Not only do the waves crash ashore here, from here you can also watch whales or catch crabs with the fishermen. As everywhere else in the country, Lincoln City is great for shopping.

Portland for nature lovers

  • Berry Botanic Garden: The Berry Botanic Garden was founded in 1938 by Rae Selling Berry. Rae Berry was known for her love of primroses, rhododendrons, alpine and native plants. Accordingly, there are many plants in the botanical garden from the Pacific Northwest, but also from all over the world.
  • Leach Botanical Garden: At the heart of this popular Portland attraction is the estate of John and Lila Leach, who went on botanical expeditions and began landscaping the gardens around their mansion in the 1930s. After her death, they left the beautiful grounds with over 2,000 species of plants and the buildings to the city of Portland. Today the garden in the south of the city is open to the public and has been expanded over the years.
  • Lan Su Chinese Garden: The traditional Chinese garden is also known as the “Garden of Awakening Orchids” and is located in the Old Town Chinatown district. The 4,000 square meter walled garden was influenced by many of the famous classical gardens in Suzhou.
  • International Rose Test Garden: Do you love roses and want to experience as many types of roses as possible in one place? Then be sure to visit the rose test garden in town. The International Rose Test Garden is a rose garden in Washington Park in Stumptown that has over 10,000 rose bushes from around 650 species of roses. The roses bloom from April to October. However, June is considered the best month to visit the garden.
  • Ross Island Natural Area: Ross Island in the middle of the Willamette River is part of the Holgate Channel and Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge. The area is a habitat for fish and other wildlife and is definitely on the list of places in Portland to spend a day or more. One of the highlights is the nest of a bald eagle.
  • Portland Japanese Garden: The Portland Japanese Garden is located in Washington Park. It is a traditional Japanese garden that gives you the opportunity to unwind in peace and quiet after a few exhausting days of sightseeing.

Oregon - The Beaver State in The West