Pre Case Update with Jacquemus First Intermediate Collection

Pre case, case, menswear and Couture – welcome to the current fashion mess. While we currently to Paris to the Couture shows squint, the men are run in parallel and the autumn/winter collection to Berlin now in Stockholm presents. And the cherry of the confusion: the constantly in between gratschenden pre case lines aka the intermediate collections, which already spin up in June or July in the stores. Pre case, you are especially dear to us: portable, full trend currents and a wonderful Poutpourri from hot and cold – until, Yes to Jacquemus his very first pre line yesterday conjured up case out of the hat:

“I wanted to come back to pure fashion. I felt like starting again, already I’ve done a little circle.” And look like exactly? A bit unfinished, far more serious, a small little so as he had squandered himself and very Jacquemus – and just everything else as a classic collection of intermediate. Because the young talent from France without completely despicable, custom creations, but prefer to keep alludes to the unconventional, free interpretations. Very nice brave, Monsieur Jacquemus.

And what we discover me nothing’s nothing on the Lookbook images? A beach, so far so good. But what will show us the young designer with the reactors in the background?

Vogue has the answer: his space-age however is the latent futurism of the sixties coupled with the idea of the back-to-school uniform, all set on a dystopian beach on the Tuscan coast. Soso.

Our pre fall Favorites, we would include in our everyday lives:

Here’s even harder, non?