So Will the Panties Blitzer Catcher

What bra fits under the white shirt? And what I’m wearing for backless? The latest summer fashion places special demands on our underwear. reveals what you should wear better among them.

The new trends such as asymmetric or shoulder tops, skirts or tops made of transparent top or skinny pants demand appropriate lingerie, which remain invisible or cool outburst. And no, no solution is to wear no underwear at all. As well, there is something suitable for down under for any summer look:

In the summer we carry Tom Palmer like short and little. Hoschenblitzer and here and there a scattered rock or fluttering top does not stay out. We not embarrassing, wearing lucky impeccable underwear including thus that but looks as desired.

What do I wear under mini tops and spaghetti straps-tops?
Please never wear Bras with transparent straps. BRA straps to give the appearance of transparent LaTeX, you were wearing no bra. But the fact is that these plastic carriers are even quite clearly visible. Better: strapless bras. A wider lower chest band and a layer of latex inside this slip also guaranteed. If you have a small bust, can wear also bandeau Bras without pads.

Blogger Nicole Warne (“Garypeppergirl”) not only knows how to properly combined in, but also including. A strapless bra is perfect for mini top

What do I wear under a white T-Shirt?
Nudefarbene T-Shirt bra with seamless processing are the invisible classic white T-Shirts. There are non-coded Underwire bras from silk mixtures, which are smooth on the skin and not bear even under tight parts. Sounds strange, but also works: Red Bras! The whiteness actually neutralizes red pigments. It works also with white blouses and bottoms.

What do I wear under tight trousers and skirts?
Sure, a thong fits best under tight clothing. But: The lower the Federal Government, all the more inappropriate is the string. Because the pair of low waist and visible string is an ugly relic of the 2000s. Better are Lasercut hipsters (the shoulder panties) and low Brazilians (cover only half the Po) made of polyamide or similar elastic material. At the laser cut (“with a laser cut”) are extremely flat CAP and no visible seams, the underwear is therefore “invisible” under your clothes.

What do I wear under white pants?
White to white? The idea is close, is sadly wrong. Because a white slip lights out like a spotlight underneath the white fabric. Better: flesh-colored, champagne white, cream-coloured panties. Watch out for flat CAP and no visible seams. Absolutely taboo: floral -, Leo – or any other pattern.

White pants are the most beautiful in the summer, as Caroline Issa shows. Unfortunately, you are the right choice of underwear so as important as a good white detergent depending on the material usually not opaque.

What do I wear under figure-hugging dresses?
Avoid cotton! Briefs from the material are indeed convenient, but are emerging due to the thicker elastic cord under your clothes. Also Lace Lingerie come for figure-hugging dresses out of the question. Perfect seamless shapewear, as skillfully spandex underwear, which forms a beautiful silhouette and the curves in scene sets. Shaping body solve three problems at once: they conjure up a crisp PO 1, a narrow waist, and 3 a 2 flat stomach.

Hailey Baldwin (18) in the tight-tight cocktail dress. One would think there no underwear fits more between fabric and skin. By due!

What do I wear under transparent parts?
It should be definitely simple and plain. And of course impeccable, ausgeleiherte rib of course don’t go for this look. By the way, also have no, effect pattern and tip fast cheap. It is safest to flesh-colored clothes, such as a top with narrow straps and a pantie hose (the slightly more elegant version of the good old Liebestöters). Who has the corresponding figure, by the stars on the red carpet look off something themselves – and wear a simple bra or a bandeau top. The laundry should have the same color as the transparent upper part but in any case. Allowed only for white parts: something black including a successful contrast.

Model Emily Ratajkowski (24) in the transparent lace dress. Plain underwear top-quality here is compulsory. Black lingerie are perfectly allowed in this dress

What I’m wearing to the XXT snippet?
Here you may waive exceptionally the BRA, if you have a small bust. So nothing durchblitzt stick nipples Skinner. Who has a larger bust and not want to renounce on a bra should attract deep-plunge bras. Their characteristics: the very low bar and deep v-shaped neckline. Because the necklines this summer range almost to the navel, the BRA may be outburst quietly sexy. Then please select a Black Lace bra instead of a white cotton bra!

Model showed deep cleavage Gigi Hadid (20) at a fashion show in Sydney. She can safely waive bra at her breasts. Who trusts himself XXT snippet and the including don’t want to waive, for such cut-out shapes, there are also specially tailored underwear. With double-sided tape, they fix everything before unwanted insights

What fits backless?
Unfortunately you can always see it again: bra straps in the backless top. How embarrassing. Do you want to show back neckline, there is unfortunately only one option: wear no bra! This is of course only with small, firm breasts. All others must renounce the Ruckenentzucker better or for worse.

A beautiful Ridge can also delight. A bra would bother here only know Sienna Miller (33). So leave out

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