T-Shirt Coco Chanel Erupts in Street Style

We warned him a few weeks ago but we must delve more on the subject: cotton t-shirts firms by big brands are one trend to the upside. And if just a few days ago I demostrábamos the success of Gucci and its vintage model, today We see as Chanel It him the heels. Its coconut free design is causing havoc…

Who wears it best?

The street does not want to miss this new trend and wears this shirt that it promises to be a favorite of the season. With the background of white color and a drawing with worn out effect, each one of these girls looks the model in different situations: Beach, street or for at home (this not be so forgive anyone).

A photo published by Carolina Molossi (@caiomolossi) 17 Dec, 2016 (s) 7:59 PST

A photo published by SORAYA BAKHTIAR (@sorayabakhtiar) 1 Dec, 2016 (s) 3:37 PST

A photo published by Blanca Miró Scrimieri (@blancamiro) 26 Dec, 2016 (s) 1:56 PST

A photo published by Veronica Ferraro (@veronicaferraro) 19 Dec, 2016 (s) 5:21 PST

Soon more and do better?

And it doesn’t surprise us, but we must be prepared before their invasion because we know that these Christmas the maison has given to his closest (hundreds of bloggers and journalists in the sector).

A photo published by Edith Siu (@dithhhhhh) 22 Dec, 2016 (s) 4:05 PST

Vintage editions

Following the fever from luxury cotton t-shirts, there are many who prefer to be unique and opt for vintage versions of a few years ago.

A photo published by by Danielle (@weworewhat) on 20 Dec, 2016 (s) 10:30 PST