The Berlin Fashion Salon Aka: The Concentrated Power Of Berlin Fashion

Is Berlin fashion boring, adapted and despicable? Excuse me, no! The Berlin fashion week is likely changing – and with neat power in baggage against all the Grouch seems to fight critics and Totsager. While yesterday was announced, that’s in this country to give boss Christiane Arp from immediately a German fashion design Council under the auspices of Vogue, a new location stands out especially, and I’m running the tent at the Brandenburg Gate nothing’s nothing the rank from: the Berlin fashion salon in the Crown Prince Palace. 

The reason? Not just makes precisely the much nicer backdrop of the late Classicist building, rather the idea is behind this, German fashion design completely ad-free and without support much Balasundaram, a platform to give the designers to present themselves and at the same time to chat with them. We are hard excited by the initiative, the entire idea and the group exhibition we yesterday once more have looked at for you. There you go: our absolute TOP 4

“Please do me a favor and write about the Berlin fashion salon”. Not because of me. But because of all these great talents that really deserve it, seen and heard to be but of course Mrs Arp.

Is Berlin fashion boring? These candidates alongside Bobby Kolade and Vladimir Karaleev Capara prove otherwise. Agrees!

Tim Labenda:

Tim Labenda, we love love love your creations and are enthusiastically hard by your implementation to put landscape motifs: patchwork-style or on coloured felt creations. This is but long since not everything: Monsieur Labenda provides us is now available with its very own Tim Labenda world: prints may lack nor as cushions. Well, if that isn’t a great move? We could access back to top it all, what this Tim Labenda there rubbing us under the nose: anything!

Hien Le:

A tiny sneak peak at this point, must submit before later be serving the complete result of his collection directly from the Kronprinzenpalais you. We want to anticipate anything here finally. The knitting anyway, we like quite extraordinarily!

Marina Hormanseder:

Marina 2 marina 1 marina

It took a little while to Marina Hörmanseder made sense with my universe and their creations with me came: with mini small delay it hit me then but with full force. I have to wear not everything, which is of course also now clear. Their balancing act: Between art and sustainability. And it is now just in the eye of the beholder. Lady Gaga and I find our favorites in her collection from now anyway, both. The verdict: Exciting and super nice. We are looking forward to your show, love Marina.

Although since 1991, René Storck created fashion he did so far completely to past us. René Storck? Never heard of – even though this talented hands already called his own your own store on the exquisite Goethestraße. After some restructuring and a new course, the native Frankfurt continues now under his given name of René – and inspired us today beyond measure: technical perfection meets classic design and highest quality. René, we want a whole lot more: hear, see, and be amazed. Promised?

Of Berlin fashion SALON wants to contribute that the creative potential is made aware of German fashion designs of a larger public. Common goal of the initiators and the participating designers is to improve the perception at home and abroad, and also to strengthen the role of Berlin as the German capital of fashion.

Berlin fashion designers, we firmly believe in you!