The Grupo Cortefiel Launches Its Web Outlet: The Crisis Lurks

As I say in the headline, the crisis looms. And it is that the stores sell less than usual. In recent years, we have discounts on full season because but the garments are in store. The Grupo Cortefiel, It encompasses Pedro de el Hierro, Cortefiel, Women´secret and Springfield, In addition to Pierre Cardin and Antonio Miró, It has decided to create a your own store outlet but in internet.

It’s the page Fifty Factory, a website of the group with the addition of its multi-brand outlet where you will find discounts up to 70% and promotions exclusive to launch. An initiative that for my part I think it’s very positive and it will succeed. In addition, the new space offers news with campaigns for different brands.

The e-shop is a website that makes possible an easy, fast and safe purchase where the user can navigate by category (coats, jackets…), by brand, by collections of man or woman and do searches by size. The delivery time is 48 hours since the purchase takes place and offers all the facilities of payment, including the possibility to pay with credit card purchase.

What do you think? I hope your opinions.