The House of Big and Carrie, Went to The Kitchen, Lounge and How Not, Dressing Room

One that has not been seen Sexo en Nueva York 2 wondering what is happening with Aidan, my weakness since it appeared on the screen, and possibly the only boyfriend I liked of Carrie.

But as I do me at the idea that that love will not now take place and Big It has finally settled the head, I wonder and where it has settled it?. Their love nest will be retro, Baroque, minimal or Eastern-inspired? and its dressing room? I’m dying to see it.

The dream of every woman, walk-in closet and is already so Carrie like hanging with your name or a Blahnik. I am unaware if their love for Big finally gave him happiness, but yes has brought him a better dressing room that I discovered thanks to my favorite blog of vintage chic and decoration.

The room, with my favorite piece, pop lines table. Among the books in it-supported and that you can guess, the name of the rose of Umberto Eco, is big?.

The dining room, with the kitchen in the background. I like it. It has those prints and that heavy character that has always characterized Carrie.