Video: Joy Denalanes Single “No One (Which We Do Not)” Feat. Max Herre

Was long still around our favorite German soul singer Joy Denalane. It was quiet the German soul Queen in recent years everything else and has diligently to new projects and her upcoming album “Maureen” taken care of.

And yesterday, she volunteered with her latest music video for the single “no one (which we do not)” feat. Max Herre back. We have met for a upcoming lovely lovely with the lovely joy, we had already mentioned, but of course we wanted to know also still a little bit more on the occasion of the pretty videos – from their upcoming album “Maureen” and so has driven the good in five years.
Her third album is named “Maureen” by the way after Joy’s second given name and above all a very personal piece is reflected, thoughtful, and honest with himself, by she could – live out their various facets – but wont soulful, Funk and accompanied with great hip hop beats!

Was shot for nobody in London and Nepal – and straight latter City turns out to be the perfect backdrop for the content of the song – thinks to position refers to. It takes still a good month up to the album release, until then, we have the world premiere of the music clip for you and a small mini interview once!

JW: your last album was released in 2006. What has driven our joy over the past 5 years so?

Joy: I’ve followed by only one and a half years only to the last album “born & raise” care – concerts, promo, etc. And then I’m relatively quickly in the Studio and recorded songs. Had already begun to write new songs in English, more than a year recorded this record and am also gone for a semester at the University, to study German, English, and comparative literature. Yes and again then I’m in the Studio again to record the plate Maureen in German. I took me so relatively much to the album and of course the study.

JW: tell us but just something about your upcoming album “Maureen”!

Joy: Maureen is the Panel on which I’ve worked the last two years. I have only English they have recorded and translated, inter alia with the help of Max and have recorded. The plate in part reflects the experience and learning of the last years of joy Denalane.

JW: what tells us the album Maureen content?

Joy: it describes the facets of Maureen in the broadest sense and the action of the people. Very well put, but I think this is on the whole very fitting. I could draw more out of my own experiences on this record than on the plates before – especially in songs that take a critical stance in relation to love. The previous record, I was the observer more and now I feel involved.

JW: why only in English and then in German translated?

Joy: this is just my habit of listening which flies to me first and I had thought initially that I would make a German-language album. That was arising over the passage of time just – namely when you repeatedly asked me:”why you do not again doing in German?” then I could just respond, it was very silent for me is to make soul music in German. But even that was in the course of time somehow no argument more for me – and then I just dared the attempt to translate. And as you can hear it worked.

JW: your favorite song of the plate?

Joy: Oh, that’s difficult. The changes really constantly! I find the single”nobody” pretty well and I find free pretty good. The two speak on just this week very me. This can but next week again change.

Although no autograph, my favorite Nike – for that but definitely a bit personal. Have much fun at home!

Here you can buy the single and pre-order the album right here!