Video: Top Model Alice Dellal Poses for Her Band in Underwear

Most of us know only as schnodderiges anarcho-model Alice Dellal with shaved hair, lots of tattoos and nose ring 1, 67 m is the 23 year old just once big and still considered favorite of the great Couturier.

It may be that their happy family relationships (wealthy parents who spent youth in high society and Mario Testino and Mick Jagger as well known Godfather) have contributed a lot to Dellas success, but one thing is certain: Madame can be stuck in no daughter drawer and moves her nice butt for well more than just living with hipper jet-set parties. While she ran at the same time for Valentino and turned for CK one commercials, she already planned her latest project: A “thrush metal” tour is. Yes, Alice would like to with “the spice girls evil twins”, as even their “girl band” in words is, through the cellar clubs Great Britain pull. Whether this is a good idea?

On board the model ladies Emma Chitty and Laura Fraser, and bosom friend Isabella Ramsey are in any case. MySpace can be is the musical outpourings of the four beauties to peruse in peace and quiet, the conclusion is however poorly. Sounds no different than all the demo tapes of young, wild school bands – this Alice has play drums but having so much trouble self-inflicted.

At least be their troubles through a visual treat of the “tele graph” rewards – in the video we see namely Dellal which are their skills on the drums in Gucci underwear to the best. To do this, we say despite “chapeau!”, because we are still fans of edgy Querschlagerin.

And what do you think – Alice should go back on the catwalk back?