We Wear Pajamas and Nightgown Now During the Day

Attention, trend sleepyheads – no more morning headache before the wardrobe! Alert fashionistas have discovered the most comfortable speed-style of all time for yourself. our site shows how does the “Out of Bed” look rested.

“RrrringRrrrring” – numerous times on “Snooze” pressed and now screams the clock: oversleeping! No problem, just like the styling pros do it and she just let her sleep clothes. With the bedroom look continues five seconds out of bed right in the Office is super modern and in just (the time in the bathroom? Given!). Full professionals wear the full body Essemble silk in terms of ready-to-Bettwear of course. The conservative dream dancer scans with parts of his bed linen on the trend. The best: After after day’s work, you can thus directly back into the bed.

How you styling negligee, pyjamas and dressing gown rested for everyday…

1. The Pajama look

You will find style Queens now round the clock in the sexy comfortable combination of pyjamas trousers or top. Both the choice of material is particularly important for pants as also shirt – otherwise the look looks quickly after gammel-bed history instead of glamorous luster. Silk is first choice. Loose cut and soft flowing trousers and shirts are individually worn best. Colorful allover patterns are strongly allowed. To always wear anything other than comfortable slippers. Careful Daydreamer approach carefully and Pajama trousers or jacket to break with parts made of wool, leather, denim or as high-quality accessories. Small women must necessarily resort to high heels.

2. the Nightgown

Fantastic, now woman wears the negligee not only under the blanket, but with proud chest through the streets and clubs. The fine tunics is A good quality and O. specially when lace inserts on high quality. Who wants to look already cheap? For the extra reliability must be combined like a Flared Jeans, so the outfit is suitable for daily use. Many fine chains in different lengths and open hair complement the delicate look. If it is cooler or Office – top dragging a narrowly cut Blazer. Caution on transparency: here there drag necessarily panties, bustiers, or body under the shirt of the day pull the best in skin colors and shades of nude. This is subtle and yet protects to deep insights.

3. the dressing gown

By due to “gäähn”… In the current dressing gown look, you can show not only the postman at the door. In the evening, he is the best Companion. The practical kimono syle is the most important tool if you want to switch back quickly from casual to dressed. Styled just over the jeans and top, it becomes an outfit for the opening or the party as a coat or Blazer replacement. Tied together with a belt, the light fabric even as dress set can be run. Tied with Sling-pumps, silk clutch and hair in the severe bun of the sexy out-of-bed style is created.