Would Expect: The Famous #MangoGirls Wears a Two Bloggers (Almost) in The Same Way

Originality? Today it is hard to find, but as much as hide us we can come up with it. What happens is that with the RSS and the actions of firms with fashion bloggers have made this increasingly more shy. This thought comes after seeing as in less than 24 hours two girls of fashion with thousands of followers in Instagram accounts have almost like Mango hand dress. Coincidence? It is possible that the culprit is the digital action #MangoGirls.

Same clothes, do different result?

You have to look at accessories and details to find out which outfit do you prefer. Camille Charrière (Camille over the rainbow) and Lucy Williams (Fashion me now) fight in duel with a styling where base garments are the same. Compare is not well seen, but sometimes it is inevitable.

A photo published by Camille Charriere (@camillecharriere) Feb 6, 2017 (s) 6:42 PST

A photo published by Lucy Williams | Fashion Me Now (@lucywilliams02) Feb 6, 2017 (s) 10:57 PST

Items of discord

  • T-shirt stamped with Tiger, 12,99 EUR.
  • Pants effect leather with metallic details, 29.99 euros.