Zarzis, Tunisia

The southernmost resort of Tunisia, Zarzis offers tourists a quality beach holiday almost on the very threshold of the Sahara, which is only 150 km from here. There are no more than 20 hotels here, all of them have a category of 3-4 “stars” and work on an “all inclusive” basis. Rest in Zarzis is moderately budgetary, secluded and very calm, with almost no entertainment outside the hotel. Romantic couples and families with children, as well as older tourists, like to come here to enjoy the silence and very beautiful nature. According to petwithsupplies, Zarzis is one of the largest cities in Tunisia.

You can put a solid five on local beaches: fine beige sand and clear sea will enchant even the most demanding vacationer. Well, those who can’t sit in a hotel will appreciate the proximity of authentic Berber villages, the island of Djerba with its rich culture and the great Sahara.

How to get to Zarzis

The nearest airport to Zarzis is located on Djerba (60 km), but mainly seasonal charters land there. Transfer to the city will cost from 150 TND, the journey will take about an hour. The prices on the page are for September 2022.

To get to Zarzis from Moscow, you will have to fly to the city of Tunis with a connection in European cities on the wings of Alitalia, Air France, Lufthansa or Turkish Airlines. The journey will take 6-13 hours. There are no direct trains and buses from the capital to Zarzis. The most convenient way is to take the Luage minibus with a change in Gabes or Djerba.

The easiest way to get from the airport to the Moncef Bay station is by taxi.

Transfer from Tunis airport to Zarzis will cost no less than 270-300 TND.


It is convenient to travel around Zarzis by taxi. The cost of a trip within the city is 7-10 TND. Exotic lovers can ride around the historical center on a horse-drawn cart “Kalesh” – from 15 TND for a half-hour circle. Local buses are not new, but they are fast: extreme people will be driven from Zarzis to Sango in a matter of minutes.

Zarzis Hotels

Most resort hotels are concentrated in the tourist area of ​​Sango, 7 km north of the city center. As a rule, these are solid “fours” for youth companies, family vacations and holidays with children, working on an all-inclusive basis. The cost of accommodation in the high season starts from 110-170 TND. In Zarzis itself, the hotels are small and rather shabby, 2-3 “star” categories, designed for budget holidays (from 50-55 TND per day).


A string of municipal beaches stretches from the fishing port to the north. The first of them, L’Abatouire, is not very clean: here the seasonal riverbed goes to the sea, and too many townspeople rest. But it is located in the very center of the city and is framed by numerous edals. The next one is Casino Beach, also central, but very narrow.

A fully-fledged resort section of the coast begins at the Sidi Kbir mosque and consists of several beaches: Sidi Kbir, Sonja and Amira, stretching for 3 km. Their width is 30-50 m. In the season, beach restaurants open here, whose employees clean the territory and arrange umbrellas and sunbeds. By ordering food, you can use the equipment for free. To the north of a small cape, there is a 400-meter wild and very clean beach of Suihel, protected from sea disturbances by bulk breakwaters.

Most of Sango’s beaches are well-maintained, with umbrellas, sun loungers and showers, but only guests of local hotels can use them. However, wild stretches of the coast also lie to the north – the beaches of Oamari and Hessy-Jerby, but they can only be reached by taxi (from 15 TND from the center of Zarzis).

In general, the quality of the beaches of Zarzis and Sango is good: light beige sand, a wide coastline and a smooth entry into the water. Near the cape there are small rocky areas of the bottom. The water is clear, but after the unrest, algae accumulations are possible.

Cuisine and restaurants of Zarzis

Zarzis is famous for its fish and seafood, which are still caught here in the traditional way. Local specialties are stuffed squid, sea bream or sea bass with spices on the grill and couscous with fish. Among the most popular catering establishments are the pretty coffee shop Lella Meriem, the Mediterranean restaurants La Tonière and Le Dauphen, and the Tunisian gastronomy establishment Sidi Bou Said.

The average bill in a folk restaurant without alcohol is from 20 TND, in a high-level institution – 60-80 TND, including alcohol. You can have a bite of shawarma or a sandwich for 10-12 TND.

Entertainment, excursions and sights of Zarzis

City life is in full swing in the historical center of Zarzis. The traditional Arab medina behind the fortress wall is not to be found here – residential areas stretch along the coastline. The tallest and most beautiful building is an unusual mosque, lined with turquoise ceramic tiles, with two 20-meter minarets. The square in front of the city hall is considered to be the center of the city, but there is little interesting for tourists here, except perhaps pizzerias, folk restaurants and cafes. There are also no attractions in the Sango tourist area. You can spend a pleasant evening outside the hotel by visiting a cafe or restaurant.

We recommend horse riding enthusiasts to look at the El Castia ranch, where you can rent a faithful friend under the saddle for a walk along the seashore. Several dive centers offer 3-4 hour boat trips with dives to natural sites and wrecks.

The only museum (avenue de l’Eglise) is responsible for the intellectual “excursion” in Zarzis, the exposition of which is dedicated to the history and culture of the peninsula and its inhabitants. The collection is housed in a former church building erected at the beginning of the 20th century. In two halls of the museum you can see objects from the excavations of the Punic and ancient Roman cities of the region, get acquainted with the techniques of construction, agriculture and fishing. Opening hours: daily, except Monday, from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 19:00, in winter and during the month of Ramadan – from 9:30 to 16:30.

Popular excursions from Zarzis are a sightseeing tour of the island of Djerba, a day trip to the Berber villages of Matmata and Tataouine, and a two-day tour to the Sahara.

Zarzis, Tunisia